Peggy's Cove 

Watercolor painting project                 25$

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Unique Painting by numbers project!

✅ EVERYTHING INCLUDED – Complete watercolor painting by numbers kit includes everything you need to join in this wonderful adults or *kids hobby.

✅ NOVA SCOTIA MEMORY– Paint on a drawn watercolor paper beautiful Nova Scotia landscapes; picture emerges through your own interpretation because working on a wet surface makes everyone works unique!

✅  – Those watercolor number painting set includes 8” x 10” (20,32 x 25,4 cm)inches pre-printed watercolor paper, instructions, 5 colors, a mixing palette, 2 brushes, numbers on a separate sheet, pieces of watercolor paper to test your colors.

*This is a great activity for adults or kids. Recommended for kids starting at 8 with adult help for instructions. Fishing boats is the easiest, following by Georges Island and Peggy's Cove require more time and is a little more challenging. Enjoy, have fun and relax! 

Oil and Watercolor

Georges Island

Watercolor painting project                 25$

Fishing boats

Watercolor painting project                 25$